About time little bald guy!

It’s been a WHILE, since i was here. I can ‘splain. Nothing going on that would be funny, or serious like me bashing my head- here it is late April, an I’ve yet to be a patient anyplace!.

Matt, on the other hand? Has Experienced his first and hopefully ONLY “trumatic brain injury”.  Esentially he got BLOWED UP in his tank, in the U.S, on a ‘training shoot exercise’. I’m not terribly impressed with that i’ll tell ya.  The poor kid- he will always be ‘my kid’…all parents know this. He’s done 2 tours in Iraq, with not so much as a scratch, and THIS happens!!. His Army training kicked in almost immedietly, he was texting me on the way to the hospital, he knew it wasnt a good thing to go to sleep. His Sargent- thought this to be a bit over the top, but it worked.. he didnt go to sleep.

The Army says he’s all better, and i cant get any different story out of him, so i am going to take him at his word on this. Having led the league in concussions last year, i know…. We shall see.

The little bald guy leaned on his cane as he stood at the edge of the cliff. As  he looked down to the beach, he saw a tow headed child of 3 cavorting in the waves, and being rescued by moms who didnt realize he could swim under water.

If he looked a little to the right, to the jetties, he saw a kid of 12 helping to put those jetties in. Smiling to himself, he wondered if all the sections still had his initials he’d put in.

He looked out at the horizon, seeing in his mind, the ice he’d walked out on, like an idiot.  Sometimes it amazed him that he had survived some of the tests he threw at Lake Erie.

If he looked farther to the right, he saw sailboats racing around the circuit down at the M.H.Y.C. A skinny smart assed teenager with nothing but “trim & smoke” on his mind. He sailed for a wild man named Jack Collins, and a Family named Heisner. There had been times he was really scared, and forced himself to perform, the lake had prepared him for life.

He turned his back on the lake at 18, couldnt wait to get out of N.E. Ohio. His sights set on bigger water, spent that summer on a lobster boat, then joined the navy.

He slowly turned and looked at the beach park that had been part of his past. He figured he’d spent about 2/3s of his life in or on that lake. It was part of him.

Now he could feel it tugging at his soul. He’d spent over 30 years in florida, but like the salmon spawning, the lake was pulling him back. He’d dismissed the feeling for years, remembering what it was REALLY like in the winter. The years of the paper route should have convinced him that florida was the place to be.

He pulled his phone from a pocket, glanced at the time, and slowly walked towards his car. He would be at the lawyers office in plenty of time, sign the papers, pick up the keys, and have the movers get started on moving him in.

The cottage was lake front, small, and two stories. The back of the cottage faced the lake, all the windows affording him almost a 180 degree panoramic view.

He knew this would be the last place he would live.


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