Another Christmas

   My Army son, Matthew, leaves tomorrow for something called Camp Casey

S. Korea. My feelings are mixed. Its statistically safer than Afghanistan, or Iraq:

but sitting across the line from millions of starving Koreans: cant be much fun.

Espically with good old Kim jong (mentally) Il or the newer younger version whos

name is escaping me.  The “enlightened” one.

So it will be another Christmas with Matt overseas. I think this is like number 4 or 5 without him.

He’s either been overseas, or in Tx. I think Deb and I missed a bunch when we were in – it was last

century, I’m having trouble remembering. Its a sucky part of the job,

     The elections are over. Nothing has changed, everybody is where the were when

they started, plus or minus maybe 5 on either side. So how much change can there

or will there be? I’m betting on slim and none.

     This dental decision, is just painful. I now have no teefs in my mouth. The uppers were

awkward but do’able. The bottoms are gonna require some work. They are gonna require

‘goo’, and I’m not sure on how much goo to do. I’m not supposed to goo where the stitches

are, so I’m limited on where goo goes. Another problem i’m gonna have is gaking on goo.

It tries to slide down my throat, and gak.



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