Going to have to try and remember all the things that have happened. I moved into my own home, did another tourney with Duane, A road trip with Duane to pick up a blazer. Living in ‘the can”.
Yes, I’m a home owner. an elderly 14 x 70 single wide, in a ‘mature” m.h. park. It’s very near the end of a cul de sac..a soggy one, but a cul de sac none the less, so i dont get alot of traffic.
I’m at the bottom of a hill that has a ‘main road’ on it though. I’m hearin alot more siren’s than i ever did on cherokee.
Before, well actually during the time I was buyin the can, Cap’n D and I went to Okeechobee Fl and caught fish. Now we’d been there twice before, both the top and bottom of the lake, and I’d never caught any fish there. We did things differently this time. We went down, earlier, more prepared, both in tackle, boat readiness and mental preparation. Duane caught a limit, just not a big limit, but it was quite an improvement over anything we’d done previously.


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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