His eyes are steel, an his gaze is long: Matthew’s a warrior, and this is his song.

Not sure how to start this: but i guess the best way is: I’m pretty sure Matt is getting his “game face” on. Little more “attitude”, little more pumped up about what he’s having to do, things like that.
This is a good thing, i think. He’s NOT a 9 to 5’er. His job is to preserve the freedom we all take for granted. If he has to smash things and kill people to preserve that?, Well, he’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, He will do his job.
He keeps mentioning that “the only reason he would want to go back over seas is the money”. I detect a bit of “seeing the job through’ peaking out of him from time to time.
It might be a topic of discussion on the LONG drive back to Jax. that we have coming up.
I have to balance the above of a picture of Matt the kid- about 8 or 9, looks like an angel. Remembering him as a child who wasn’t afraid to do whatever the big kids were doing. Now i realize that’s how the “younger sibling” learns. Hell that’s how i learned alot- from my older brother. And now? He wears the uniform of The United States of America. I’ll give this more thought.


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