My Brains been beaten an battered,infected an scattered.

Just spent a long time on the phone with one of my oldest friends, Mitch. I remember he moved into the hood i think when i started 7th grade. He was 2 grades ahead, and probably still would be if we were going to school- but i digress.

We used to do alot of stuff together, most of it was good and productive, some wasnt. To hear his Mom tell the story- I ‘subverted’ him into my heathen ways. My Mom- St. Helen of Firwood would bust up laughing-thinking i had all this mental sway over someone that was 2 years older, and i was the reason he was in trouble. No, we just like to do stuff that would scar,scare,singe,or scream.

I find it amazing some of the “files’ i dredge up outta this rotting ole brain of mine. Flashes of the past-so vivid that, I’m back there.  I sit and think, with what i got about how marvelous the brain really is. Fer Instance: When you stub your toe. The time it takes for the signal to get there, be processed, distributed to the proper channels of reaction, THEN getting it right ALL the time in a normal brain. The signal has to travel from the toe, all the way up the body-then the brain has to go: Flash message from the toe: We’re stubbed”. The brain alerts the pain sensors, then the adreneline section, notifies the leg or legs they are going to be hopping up an down on the “non injured” foot. Makes sure the vocal chords are up an tuned for the ” OW’ thats how much time? can the amount of the time it takes- be measured?. How long does a thought take? Where do we store all the memories we ever had? How come we only use like 8-10 percent of the brain. An if we are using SO little-why cant we access the other part> I’d sure like to ‘re route’ alot of my signals through the “virgin” territory, mayhap i’d be normal again. not Abby Normal.


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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