Now my life’s been all scattered, since she’s been gone

I feel older, not fatter, I feel the blues coming on. In the end? what will it matter- there will my ashes to scatter. No, not ‘contemplating anything. Honest.

Matt, pretty sure he’s coming home in June. Wants me to fly out and help him drive his car back. I sure wouldnt mind doing it. but the money woes, i am not sure where he “is” on his money, and i dont really want to ask. He leaves for Iraq in August. I am tryin to get my game face on for this, and not doing terribly well at it. He seems confident that he will be alright- seeing as they just came out of the “sand box” at NTC. He says they did pretty well. Pretty much everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing.

    More thoughts on housing, if i ever get to leave here.  My thoughts are: i sure dont require much room. So a “big” house wouldnt hold any intrest for me. I have been scouting the “micro’ and mini houses- the size would sure work. I am amazed what fits into 800 s.f. if you do it right.  Another option i’ve tossed about is an Albin 27. Center cockpit, diesel. This one gets ALOT of flack though, with the M.S. and all. Nobody seems to think its a good idea for a wobbly bald guy to live, for the foreseeable future- alone on a boat for some reason. Like i might wobble off or something.  Now i do realize that “boat” just means – break out another thousand- so on the fixed income- that MAY not work.  Another option might be a motor home. I look at 35 class A’s, and C’s.. something big enough that IF i were to acquire a ‘shotgun’…if we was mad- you could get at least a door between us.  Not like the studio apt. that Lynn and i had: if you were arguing, you could hide in the bathroom, or the walk in closet, or you went outside.


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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