Well, that bites.

Checked on one of my “possible living arraignments” today, it wont work.
They are ‘floating’ homes in Lake Erie. Well, to my way of thinking- they arent homes. You cant live in them year round. In fact, they havent been able to “un winterize” for lack of better term,an the young lady answering my questions, got just a bit huffy when i told her: “down heah in da souf- we’uns is already working on phase 2 of the tanning season”.
This is also the week of “bin laden’. and the shots heard round the world. ok, we got him. could we move on? It HAD to be done. Ok its done. Its put my son a bit more in harms way, thats the way i see it. I am proud it was the SEALS though. And NOBODY got ‘left behind’ and nobody nok is seein a captain or a chaplain knocking on their door, regretting to inform them that….
I am kinda giving props to the Pres. too. He could of ‘droned’ him, or put a ‘cruise missile air conditioner” in his room-but knew the SEALS would do the job and be able to CONFIRM.
I saw a quote from M.L.K. on someones face book, that nailed it. something about hate… i cant even come close to quoting it, but it says how i pretty much feel.


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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