More on the 162.50

Only took a mere 13 minutes to find out HOW to get here to add more to the story, sheesh.
All the above is the musical version to dealing with de gubment. Alot of the error, well ALL the error, quite frankly is on me, and when i goof? i make fun of it.
Wayyy back when: i had filled out the paperwork they periodically send out:’we may have some of your money” commercials, you’ve ALL seen them. Well: i did one evidently. Let me jump in here with this. All through this process. People kept using the phrase: THE ESTATE OF John Barnard: This will figure in at the end.
They found money in my name, and for a “nominal service fee” i could reach nirvana tonite…no no.. wait. Thats Zappa. sorry.
for the nominal service fee, they would get me my coin. An the did. To the tune of 162.50 cents.
This Must have been ‘pre M.S”.. I have no real recollection of doin it? But I musta.
Then i took this check and dropped it in my acct. an was on my merry way. I must have gotten a blurb or something about it: SOMETHING.Because….
The readers digest version is: i filled out paper work and got ANOTHER 162.50… Worked the first time.*had already forgotten i’d done this* An i GOT another 162.50. but this one, i didnt know about because i was couch surfin at the time.
This year, i am rummaging through old paperwork, came across a check for?…….yep.
said THANK YOU JESUS. *Kinda wish he’d (JESUS) would have reminded me> DUMMY!!!!! You ALREADY got this coin!!!. Would have saved me alot of red face, Rose alot of work, and a guy named AL who tried to help me; alot of time.
sorry…got the check, and slammed it on my ONGOIN Dr. Bill. He was happy, i was happy. All GODS chillins were happy. Untill 48 hrs later the 2nd 162.50 bounced higher than a kite.
So i’ve been back an for with this for a while now. I am happy to say, we got it figgered out.

I got in contact with Tallahassee. They turned Rose H. loose on my case.
Folks. Rose H. gets on sumpin? it is GOT!.
I called her earlier today: She was sittin there with chapter an verse of how this thing went down.
I wasn’t sure she was thinkin i was tryin to scam the gubment out of this massive sum: something in her voice was tryin to turn “official” or “mom” on me. So i thought a second or 2. and reached into the bag of “make me laugh” and came out with:
Ok Rose. The way I see this?
I got my money, figured it worked SO well, i went an got ANOTHER check, thats the one that bounced, and i shouldnt have gotten EITHER check, BECAUSE: I’m NOT quite to the :”Estate OF” portion of the show…is this about right Rose? Poor Rose.
She went REAL quiet for 8 seconds, then i heard her trying to choke of a snicker, then she just FELL OUT.
I let her ALMOST get her breath back then pounded her with:
about the first 6 lines of the above song.
After waiting for her to stop crylaughing. “my mascara is pourin down face” comments. we decided that..this COULD be a 30 minute comedy routine.
i kinda made a innuendo remark about scorin her phone number cause she SO took care of this problem AND laughed whilst doin so. She fended that off with ‘i got yours’ on file.
“yea, we gots to save everything so like 20 years from now, we can save our butts for NOT throwing this away.
hmmmm. i wonder if, BECAUSE i jotted down an SENT it.. the Ballad of 162.50 is now a perm. part of Florida History? I’m HONORED!!!


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