Here’s the story, sad but true:

(use the song “run around sue”..About the govt, i tried to screw.
I took their money, and ran to town.
An tried to knock another one down.
The second check, they bounced it back. With an ugly note saying: Nice try jack.
we cashed that for you: years gone by,
just like to say it was a good try.
we keeping the money you tried to get.
an accepting your thanks for Rose’s sweat.
Now be gone an bother us no more,
For Rose has shown you the door.
Everything she said, was said in smile.
But be forewarned: you’re NOW ON FILE.
copyrighted 9 Dec. 2010. for use on the Hire the Handicapped Tour.


About cenflaguy

Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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