All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.

I hope i live through winter, is all i’m gonna say.
Gee, that’s a scary thing to say. Well, its true.
I sit here in the “late summer – early autumn of my life, wondering HOW MUCH more road i have to go. I know I’ve already passed the road less taken, oh, about 3 miles back. Do i want to turn around and try and find that? Or do i just press on?.
I sure wish i had “St. Helen of Firwood”. That was my mom, to guide my little, well BIG flat feet. I feel so lost. OH SHIT, here come the tears. She got “away” from me oh, lets see, Jeremy is 28, so about 30 years ago. Mom- so many questions i have-and you cant answer!!
I’ve been searching hi and low, and FOUND a major slice of my past, although i MAY regret doing so.
Mom would always find this Christmas candy, called Plantation Jingle bits. They were her “special” present after everything else.
I had been, on and off, tryin to find them since she died.
Well i SCORED. sent off for 5 tins of the candy and risked my master card number once again.
The candy, and the memories, have had me crying for hours at a time. Before anyone goes running for the “Baker Act” net: This can, and i’m here to tell ya, DOES happen to M.S. afflicted.
This kind of embarrassing to tell, an ya’all know how i HATE to embarrass myself in-front of a crowd. Dont’cha? Seriously..
i am afraid my keys will short out with all the saltwater runnin down my face, back later.


About cenflaguy

Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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