My Daddy always told me, “you’ll be hard working man”.

My Momma she always told me “son, do the best you can”.
Then one day i met with Mitch, who came to me and said:
“Hard work good, hard work fine, but first take care of head”.
I knew you were goin to say that.
Well, The pre thanks giving m.r.i. is done, Thanks giving is done. I ate most of the food on the 3 plates that my dear and great friends made for me. I let it slip. I was goin for domino’s and Dallas for Thanksgiving.
I axe ya. Some of you have seen the “pipe stem sized guns’ i got going on here. They look appropriate for my size, they are cut, and they got (I’m thinking) EXCELLENT plumbing all through them.
You put a tourniquet around a bicep here? and you got just BIG veins.
Well? I’m beginning to believe: like boobs I’m convinced: Bigger aint necessarily better. M.R.I. girl drilled twice in the elbow an came up dry. She ended up “knuckle stuffing” my right back of hand. That sucked too. I was so grinched out about being the pin cushion that i wasnt able enjoy the RUSH i get when the dye hits. Alot of people i understand don’t like it, or may be allergic to it. Not me. I have scared techs who haven’t completed the push yet. “whoooaaa”… then they ask me if i felt it already. I am NOT frivolous with my whoaaa’s ok? If you’re gettin a “whhhooaa”? you’ve done something.
So back in the cage i went. She woke me when we were done.
Now, i had to ‘fast’ before i went in. Hmm.. i may have mentioned that. so I’ll fast forward: She got me vertical, and my gyro wasn’t even close to ready for that. So i flopped back down and sent her scurrying for something wet and with sugar in it. She even found a cold one. Once i had steam, we got under weigh once again.
I guess this place has had a bit of a problem, or a situation, or may hap the odd lawsuit. The mighty mouse intern just “fisted” up all the material of my shirt and   guided me left and right down the hall and out the door, with a gentle shove once we hit the main door. I swear. Someone else must have fallen out or wobbled into something. she WASN’T going to let that happen. I’ve been axed to leave bars alot gentler than she was marching me.
Of course the holiday is in the way of me finding out of there is any brain between these ears, or what shape it might be in. This will be the first look anyone has taken since like about 05.


About cenflaguy

Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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