I’d like to remind you:

At 4 in the morning, the air is still, under the diamond sky, makes me glad to be alive. One of THE greatest B.T.O songs ever made by the way. When i rip it through the Ipod to the car speakers? I always see at least one “granny / grampy lookin person, discreetly banging their head. Is there a discreet way to do that? You get the drift. They’re foreheads are at no risk from the steering wheel, like it was when you were YOUNG and “I wanna ROCK” by Twisted Sister was on. I might to this very day have a 1/2″furrow” running port to starboard on my forehead. I remember SLAMIN it once, at least. maybe more. Geez all that for one line in a song? Dont let me run off at the fingers like that.
M.R,I. on 24 of thanksgiving? Dat’s what dey tells me, ans i doos what theys tell me. no underway replenishment after 1100L though. I never had THAT before.This is also the contrast one. sigh, a needle. F…!! This is the “lost head” m.r.i.
When neuro squire called to make appt.? They insisted i wasn’t IN the system, until i reminded them: ” Remember the lil bald guy? who wanted ROCK in the headset?; an you had to shut him down cause he kept tappin his foot”?… believe it or not…they checked with the tech… bazingo… I find leaving a ‘lasting impression’..not hard to do. Might want to tweak it and re-shape it some, but i still got it.
I was looking the other day. There may come a time when i have to get to El Paso Tx, to scoop up My son’s car IF he goes back ‘over there’. tears. But, i thought, Its a BEAR of a drive, how bout…Amtrack.
so i hit the website. I aint no Chris Freakin Columbus now ok? But even I know: El Paso Via CHICAGO? Riddle me that one riddler?
Hurricane Ivan, i believe, wiped OUT the southern route, an they are still working on it. My Bucket List has “a long train ride” on it. But i am not goin west via about due north.
Greyhound: I pushed the schedule out into like June of 11. They are ‘forecasting’ a one way price of 318 bucks. And: two hunnert and eleventy seven STOPS along the way. Some where in the neighborhood of 85 hours for the trip. I believe i could PEDDLE faster than that.
That would leave the “airlines”. I used to love airports. Some of my best comedy has been in airports. Not SO much any more. They dont play any more. When i flew back from Helping Matt drive from JAX. to EL PASO…they wouldnt even let him be my “wheelchair driver’. Now that could have been due to: Him about pulling most of the ‘cattle’ ropes down tryin to step over them, or me doin wheelies in the chair: they never DID tell us why; just NO. But i DID get a muttered “wow, nice” in the full body scan. Felt good about that. Being the “handicapped’ passenger? I get to go first, not sit in the emergency exit, and am kept an eye on by the crew. Not much room for humor there. An in the airport? boom box? ha ha..i’d feel the sweet tingle of a tazer and the eye washings of mace if i walked in w/one of those. alot of my airport comedy has music in it i notice. An i cant sing a lick of my new rap:
White boy. 2 left feet. cant carry tune nor keep the beat. i feel so vanilla ice..


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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