All my troubles seemed so far away. Ya’ll know the song. I needn’t remind you. It, the day started off well, the duck hunters waited till 6:20 before opening fire on the fowl!!. Sat? they commenced volley fire at 6:02. Glad my windows are in the back, pretty well hidden by the bamboo tree from HELL. if i could figure out actually how to add pictures you could see? i’d sure picture up this one.
Just sittin here tryin to figure out which Dr. is gonna wanna know about this 3 day ‘stab’ in the side of my head. I’m thinkin neuro guy will want a look at that. GP guy, maybe not so much. They think just cause i am laughing, or making them laugh, that i’m not serious… serous as “w” would say. serous bout ‘merika”. I am. but i digress.
i laugh rather than cry. i think we covered this already!.
Went walking today, or tried to. The legs just weren’t feelin the love. Got as far as the end of the dirt road an that was it. Wobbled back and napped. Someone at M.S. said to make a journal of each day. Sheesh. In the navy? we’d call these “casreps’. Casualty reports. Stuff thats broke, in the process of gettin fixed, or sent for repairs. I am just not up to cataloging my infirmities day by day, so i can look back an see what all is “dap’ down awaiting parts. It would be just too much of a bummer. so i shan’t.
optic nervosa – impairment/ disruption  of the vision files stored in brain. Oh this one is fun. A ‘slight’ symptom? I have PERMANENT “floaters’ in my 176 degrees of vision. you know, like you’ve just had a flash go off in your face?  Sometimes? my ‘floater dam’ breaks, and they just gush across my vision, great thundering herds of them, from both directions. I imagine movie/rock stars have seen this, from gazillion flash bulbs. Mine happens alot, sitting, walking, breathing most any time. Tv? nope, computer? cant see it. Its a “personal time out’.  Alot of times, if its a honking good case of? My ‘color’ fades to gray.  Like when you take too big a hit? The “fade”?… Thats tough. I know the top light is red, bottom green etc. but when the grey er light turns to grey? well take my word for it.
see how this looks: Not bad.
I have, like oh 3 times? totally lost vision. fade to black. Scary. I immediately broke out into Frank Zappas “yellow snow’ song. Dr’s dont have alot of humor in their lives i guess. That one didnt think i was funny at all. Or i was way off key, not sure which.


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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One Response to Yesterday

  1. Susie Dally says:

    Added you to my blog list, brother! Good for you. And other folks will be able to appreciate your ascerbic humor in the face of real scary stuff……

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