Endangered species?

I open doors for women, i give up my seat on the bus, i stand when they return to the table, and know better: “NO!!! Those jeans make you look SKINNY!!!”. So why am i standin here watching a women i had “interest” in, ride off into the sunset on the back of a honkin big cycle? Why? Because Good Guys; don’t finish first. We once an a while, run a CLOSE second?, but we never win.
I was told a great secret early in life. “If you want to be treated like a King?, Treat her like a Queen. I’ve tried to apply this to all…..9 women i’ve been ‘involved’ with. I sit here 0 fer 9.
It usually took 12 – 18 mths. Some ran away, scared of what i “allowed them to be”. Some bolted cause: “i am not as “interested” in physical aspects of life as you are. “you’re wearin me out”!!!.
Others?, cause i refuse to argue, make a joke out of anything/everything, another physical quitter. 2 bolted “suffocated”
I would give whatever i have left for a woman in my life. Someone who i can just cater to an please. I’d like to have a shoulder to cry on, instead of being the one with the water proofing on mine, so if you cry on me? i wont rust.
Sorry, put the fingers in gear and walked away. See what pours out?
Has PC so distorted our views of the other sex, that i, could become extinct? It could happen. I rocked my camel to a screechin halt at the kangaroo station today to toss in on powerball.
As i am wobblin to the door, i know there is a lady close on my 6, so i am about to slow down, reach an open the door, an she hip checked me out of the way, grabbed the door, flung it open and waddled in. I had fully intended to open it, allow her to go first, like i was always taught. Silly me. Bet that bitch is now thinking: “wow, that little bald guy, sure had pointy bony hips, look at this bruise!!”.
i am not about change who/whom i am. I guess i’ll just keep kissin frogs lookin for a princess. I priced a glass slipper, i cant be runnin around the countryside with one. Gas goin up too.
I know: join dating site.
I come across on paper like: A: a jerk. B: wimp C: someone who needs the net tossed back over them. Lots of people who are now very near an dear friends have made the comment: ” I thought you were the crudest, rudest, most smartassed, turd i ever met”.
For most part, i would bust out in : “Don’t get strung out by the way i look, dont judge a book by its cover. I’m not much of a man, by the light of day…..”.
Anyone who finished the lyric, peeked? Piqued? my interest.
Humans whether they realize it or not: send out electrical impulses, or waves. We are all equipped with Transceivers: People send out signals, and if the Transceivers are both on same frequency? Viola!
My xcver, is tuned to ….tryin to figure out how this will word….ok..signals of “offbeat’ or ‘odd’ might work….If i am dating the family named “Normal” family girl?…Her name is Abby. So my xcever seldom goes off.
Its been set off, maybe 3 times in my life. Woman i could, i thought rock through the rest of life with. others were; is this grass greener moments. With a bit of “I’ll show her for falling asleep in the middle of….” too.
I place a fair amount of stock in ‘pleasing’. An to fall asleep enough to snore?…ouch.
mayhap more later.


About cenflaguy

Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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