Not Fragile

It’s here that i should mention at least something about the M.S.
I got transferred to Nashville Tn. in like 03. Got there and not very long after, i noticed, among other people: that i had to tilt my head about 10-15 degrees to starboard in order to walk straight. I just told people i was being “thoughtful”. Then, i started with the “volts”. Ever put your tong to a good old 9 volt battery? Ya get that “zing” on the tongue. Well, I get that zing body wide. “I’VE GOT THE POWER”. Sorry, old “HE MAN” thing when Jeremy was way young. But I Plow forward.
Then came the ‘scrambler”. You know, that ride at lots of parks? There’ve been days: That i ride it 24/oh 3 or 4 days. Jes wanna make ya ‘ill’. I wont go into much detail on the vision / audio “fun”. As i suspect some, not a lot, but some of that? might be due to good smoke, an concerts.
So? we tapped my spine. Never been so skert in my life! Had read about them, never anything good. Come to think of it? I don’t believe I’ve EVER read anything good about a needle. Had the nurse hold my hand at the critical, don’t move part. Damn.
Three days later, I sat up in bed, and glad it was an air bead On the floor. I swear someone had driven a great big nail into the base of my head.
So i gently laid back down.. it dialed back a whole bunch. Silly me.
I sat back up. Then looked around for who stuck the nail in my head, cause he was BACK. Horizontal was a good thing at that time.
Hmmm… How to get to emerg. room? Deb’s broom in jax, everybody i know …at work…I KNOW!!! i’ll drive my dumb ass there!!!! The thought of dialing 911? NEVER entered my mind.It just didn’t.
In the process of puttin clothes to body, i discovered that if i Mellon tilted 45 degrees? it didn’t hurt as BAD.
So off i go. I got there.
Had the triage nurse tilting HER head to talk to me after like 3 minutes, i was proud of that.
They Stuck me in a C O L D i mean really cold room. I made them bring me two blankets, an burrowed under both.
Finally got warm enough to stop shivering, and napped a bit. Waking to hear:
“There’s nobody in this room!!”. I stuck my nose an face out and begged to differ. After HE calmed down cause i scared the crap out of him, he came to the conclusion that … someone had turned my spinal tap up to ELEVEN, and it leaked. The pain i was gettin, was the base of my brain comin down on my spinal cord- like a leaky shock absorber he commented to put it in my ballpark
He ran something into the i.v. that he snuck into my arm. Thats the second time since i turned 21 that i DIDN’T mind gettin stuck.
I ‘went away’, an the next sounds waking me are: “John!!!… Stuck my head out the covers an snarled: What NOW!!!
She informed me i was ‘done’, and get the hell out the bed.
I remember this specifically now: and if any dr types glance this? Tell me truth.
The dr told me to go get 4, 2liters of the soda of my choice, and commence to drinking, and that would help gum up around the leak. No Shit.
Best scrip, well one of the top 5 in my life scrips i think. Dr. Pepper!!!
Between that and m.r.i’s, C.t.s they came to conclusion of M.S..
I saw the film. Looks like actually cotton candy, and that’s my term for it.
Nobody gets the exact same symptoms. When I quirred? He put it like this.
Think of you’re brain as, say fiber optic cables. BAZILLIONS of them. All movin stuff around Faster than hell. Then you get an invasion of perhaps, squirrels. Then chew on the cable coverings and start exposing wiring. When they chew through enough.. what ever they were chewing ‘shorts’ out. No 2 squirrels chew the same wires, or in the same place.
I LIKED that GUY!!!!.
When i went back 2 weeks later, I reported chewing in the optic/audio wiring, and a bad break in the staying vertical sub folder. He fell out.
Then i became “outsourced’ once again. That was the 2nd, perhaps 3rd time. I’ll leave that for another page.
It left me essentially homeless for i think 3 years. I have couch surfing awards and medals you wouldn’t believe, and a few really pissed wives for there husbands having friends like me. to all of you? I’m Sorry.
If it hadn’t been for my ex, more or less just grabbing my collar and yanking it to her house? I would have been looking at living in a shelter. Bless her Heart.


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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One Response to Not Fragile

  1. Laura says:

    So much of this I never knew…don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, JB.

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