A touch more backround

Someday i’m goin to figure out how to add pictures. Anyway.
I wasnt a good kid. I think i tried, but remember fallin way short alot of the time. I still lead the league in “out in the hall & down to the office” at what WAS Reynolds Elementary School.
I was the kid your parents warned you about hanging around. I was the kid that Moms hated,   moms with female offspring didnt want me around. I was just a wild kid.
But when i was young? You could get away with SO much more. I was running the streets at 4am.. cause i had an early morning paper route startin at 10 y.rs old. I dont imagine that did my school work much good.
When i was a kid. I would be out the house at 4am, MAYBE see dad before he went to work, eat breakfast and head for school. In the summer? Paper route: disapear to the lake to fish or just be out of the house, show up for lunch and visual inspection. Then disapear till 6pm, THAT was dinner, and you didnt wanna be late.
I sure dont see THAT happening in this day and age.
I was the poster child for ADHD, decades before they discovered it.
I would finish what was being tasked: quickly followed by boredom, and we all know what THAT brings. Back in the day: “stick them in the hall, swat them, or send them to principals office. None of the
choices really excited me.
Got dropped on my melon in the 3rd grade. Every adult HAS to have checked off the ” squat down, take 10 deep breaths, stand and have someone squeeze fairly tight about the chest” on their ‘report card of life’, if you dont? you dont know what your missing.
Just remember though, if your the ‘squeezer’? LAY them DOWN!! Dont just ‘let go’ like Dennis Green did to me.
I caught the edge of a 3rd grade desk over my right ear (they say), then the back of my head made that WHUP that a melon dropped from a great height might make. Sue Reeve, a friend till this very day, said it sounded HORRIBLE, she had nightmares about it.
I oft wonder if that had something to do with how i turned out. The neuro guys that i saw at the time, werent REALLY sure that i was gonna be ‘right’ again. I remember walkin down the office hall, and my right side was like a whole second ..slow. well i showed them eh.?
I do know; that the next year, math didnt make any sense to me at all. i just couldnt grasp ‘new math’, and glasses showed up shortly there after.


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