More backround

We moved to a place called Mentor on the Lake Oh. when i was 3 yrs old. Talk about a great place to grow up!
I had the woods behind me, empty lots for baseball across the street,
empty lots 2 doors down for football, blackberry patches, ponds, rope swings, sledding hills, tree forts, AND, THE LAKE!!
I think i am glad i didn’t have video ANYTHING as a kid: it sure would have kept me from doing stuff.
Audio/visual back in those days: 3 local tv stations, a handful of local radio stations..and a newspaper…which involves itself later in my life. I think me and The Beaver, had the best childhoods in the world. But, rest assured, these angelic living conditions, didn’t raise an angel.
It was a neighborhood where: if you goofed up at your buddy’s house? His mom smacked you, and launched you. Then on the way home, some mom NOT EVEN involved, would come out, find out why you got smacked, and may, or may not land one of her own. By the time you got home, Mom #1 had already called and busted you. You couldn’t win. Ever. Battles here and there, a skirmish or 2.. but you never WON.
I think it cost my folks a lot of money at the time to liver there. I seem to remember “Sir Robert the Cheap” ( My fathers knighted name) mentioning that the note was like 44% of his check. Back then, there wasn’t as much check. But like all families of that era and ilk? We made it. Hell i thought mac. and milk *no cheese* was like way neat. I found out later, much later, milk was cheaper than cheese, and the gubbment didn’t give cheese away back then. In my minds eye, i am standing on the cliff, overlooking the lake. Water as far as the eye can see. Look left or right, water. Back then? a fairly nasty colored water i might add. I swam for 18 years in that lake, perhaps i ought to tell my dr’s that… but.
I can remember when the water hit 55, and the temp hit 80, you were in the lake, not long…but you were in. Then you ran up and got horizontal on the rocks that had been heating in the sun, till you’re lips came back from blue. Then back in. When the water hit 60, you were in for hours. 70’s, albeit LOW 70’s.. for ever. Now? This skinny little cotton candy brained body doesn’t get NEAR water that ISN’T 85, or greater.. Serious. If i hit 55 deg. water today?… someone’s doin paper work and puttin a tag on my right big toe. Friends with pools laugh at me.”go swim in jacuzzi” comments are not rare. Thats ok… if its their jacuzzi?..I’ll pee before i get out.


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Very HWP proportionate: not much height, no weight to speak of.
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