Been a while.

      I’ve thought about just TRASHING this whole thing an starting over. I thought i could write ‘funny’ and the world would understand. They dont.

     As soon as I figure out how to just wipe this clean, I will, and start over.

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Another Christmas

   My Army son, Matthew, leaves tomorrow for something called Camp Casey

S. Korea. My feelings are mixed. Its statistically safer than Afghanistan, or Iraq:

but sitting across the line from millions of starving Koreans: cant be much fun.

Espically with good old Kim jong (mentally) Il or the newer younger version whos

name is escaping me.  The “enlightened” one.

So it will be another Christmas with Matt overseas. I think this is like number 4 or 5 without him.

He’s either been overseas, or in Tx. I think Deb and I missed a bunch when we were in – it was last

century, I’m having trouble remembering. Its a sucky part of the job,

     The elections are over. Nothing has changed, everybody is where the were when

they started, plus or minus maybe 5 on either side. So how much change can there

or will there be? I’m betting on slim and none.

     This dental decision, is just painful. I now have no teefs in my mouth. The uppers were

awkward but do’able. The bottoms are gonna require some work. They are gonna require

‘goo’, and I’m not sure on how much goo to do. I’m not supposed to goo where the stitches

are, so I’m limited on where goo goes. Another problem i’m gonna have is gaking on goo.

It tries to slide down my throat, and gak.


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Going to have to try and remember all the things that have happened. I moved into my own home, did another tourney with Duane, A road trip with Duane to pick up a blazer. Living in ‘the can”.
Yes, I’m a home owner. an elderly 14 x 70 single wide, in a ‘mature” m.h. park. It’s very near the end of a cul de sac..a soggy one, but a cul de sac none the less, so i dont get alot of traffic.
I’m at the bottom of a hill that has a ‘main road’ on it though. I’m hearin alot more siren’s than i ever did on cherokee.
Before, well actually during the time I was buyin the can, Cap’n D and I went to Okeechobee Fl and caught fish. Now we’d been there twice before, both the top and bottom of the lake, and I’d never caught any fish there. We did things differently this time. We went down, earlier, more prepared, both in tackle, boat readiness and mental preparation. Duane caught a limit, just not a big limit, but it was quite an improvement over anything we’d done previously.

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Endings and Beginnings

The weekend of 24-26 Aug. will long be remembered as “Can it get any MORE FUN?”
Lets see: I have to be packed and OUTTA HERE, by Tues. latest. I found THIS out – last wed. Thanks for the heads up gang. This is the ending part.
For the past 3+ years, I’ve lived WAY ALONE, no real neighbors, out in the sticks, lakeside, and
this is coming to a close. Its been so great, and i’ve mostly loved the whole time. Yes i AM going to miss it..alot I am sure, but its also nice to be able to get on with my life.

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More things I want to remember to talk about.

Matt’s marriage, the whole trip, My possibly impending implosion of a 4+ decade love/friendship, the house, and not moving anytime soon.
My attitude and health. Things I will find amusing.
I guess we could start with Matt.
He’s now a married Joe. I, either wasn’t paying attention, or he rolled it by me SO fast that i missed it, but, He started talking about Steph. This had happened before, usually with the girl stomping both his wallet and his heart and leaving him in the dust..So..I wasn’t too concerned about this, until he called and said he was getting married on July 8th.
It took him even longer to inform his mom about this: that went swimmingly.
So: Plan A: Deb rents a car and makes the wedding: I rotate up to Jax to cover the cats, and visit old friends..
Well? Deb has this friend Cheryl, Who wanted to help in a BIG way, And I guess she did!!. So there we was…Plan A just a working, then she calls:
“I’ve got a cat feeder- do you want to go with me an surprise him?”
Of course i did !!..BUT…
Having made the ‘back an forth’ to El Paso- I KNEW I was gonna need to bring some smoke, and THAT wasn’t gonna go down well with the co-pilot.. and it didn’t. Anyway. She rented a Mazda 2. A fine around town car I’m sure, and it was adequate for the trip there and back…just not really comfortably though.
It got good mileage, and the AC worked fine, even ran 80 ish when it was allowed back will be weeks getting right again though, I couldn’t sleep in the trunk-there wasn’t any, the back seat pushed wrong, and the seat belt clips just tore me up too. I didn’t think to try the floor, but there was stuff there too.
I fired, or tried to fire one up, when we finally got into Alabama, and Deb just got so negative about it, that i took like 3 hits and put it out. I may have smoked one the whole way, I know I gave Ron 3 rolled and some loose..Its not like i just wanted to be buzzed, too much, but when i rolled Matt’s car out to him the last time- I smoked a doobie a state, till i got to Tx, and baked 2, and got to San Antonio before i MADE myself stop driving, could have gone farther.
We arrived at Moonie Camp 1, They were in on the surprise of me being there and thought it great that the lil bald guy was punking his kid.
So we get there, I RAN for the back yard and sparked one up to get the trip out of my back, and Matt said he was 20 Min. away.
Kind of wish I’d had a camera on him when he came around the corner and saw me..A SHOCKED sort of look, and W T F!!!! Were the words he he crush hugged me. Matt says hes cracked the 200 barrier..about 203ish…His Class A pants looked like spandex on him!!!
We were awaiting the arrival of Stephanie, Matt’s soon to be wife: She was ‘doing someones hair’ and would be an hour behind Matt.
She didnt show up till well after 10, which is like 1a.m to people on the east coast, and Deb and i where whipped. She pops out of the car, I believe more scared than anything else, and we got introduced.
Poor Deb, said “nice to meet you, I’m falling over- good night”…
Well, T.O.W arrived (time of wedding)-Matt dashing off to climb into his Class A Uniform, Me to “get right”, and Deb to ponder the whole evolution.
We got to the VFW, and strolled about, taking pictures, chatting, Meeting the new family- sure were/are a lot of them, They’ve added a large branch on the family tree.
“The crowd went crazy as Stephanie hit the stage”..not really, but it was a grand entrance on her dads arm. Matt already standing there, trying not to breath-His Uniform pants- were from 2 tours ago, and he’s put on a bit of weight, I believe he told me the 32 waist pants werent down with his 34 in. waist..

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His eyes are steel, an his gaze is long: Matthew’s a warrior, and this is his song.

Not sure how to start this: but i guess the best way is: I’m pretty sure Matt is getting his “game face” on. Little more “attitude”, little more pumped up about what he’s having to do, things like that.
This is a good thing, i think. He’s NOT a 9 to 5’er. His job is to preserve the freedom we all take for granted. If he has to smash things and kill people to preserve that?, Well, he’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, He will do his job.
He keeps mentioning that “the only reason he would want to go back over seas is the money”. I detect a bit of “seeing the job through’ peaking out of him from time to time.
It might be a topic of discussion on the LONG drive back to Jax. that we have coming up.
I have to balance the above of a picture of Matt the kid- about 8 or 9, looks like an angel. Remembering him as a child who wasn’t afraid to do whatever the big kids were doing. Now i realize that’s how the “younger sibling” learns. Hell that’s how i learned alot- from my older brother. And now? He wears the uniform of The United States of America. I’ll give this more thought.

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My Brains been beaten an battered,infected an scattered.

Just spent a long time on the phone with one of my oldest friends, Mitch. I remember he moved into the hood i think when i started 7th grade. He was 2 grades ahead, and probably still would be if we were going to school- but i digress.

We used to do alot of stuff together, most of it was good and productive, some wasnt. To hear his Mom tell the story- I ‘subverted’ him into my heathen ways. My Mom- St. Helen of Firwood would bust up laughing-thinking i had all this mental sway over someone that was 2 years older, and i was the reason he was in trouble. No, we just like to do stuff that would scar,scare,singe,or scream.

I find it amazing some of the “files’ i dredge up outta this rotting ole brain of mine. Flashes of the past-so vivid that, I’m back there.  I sit and think, with what i got about how marvelous the brain really is. Fer Instance: When you stub your toe. The time it takes for the signal to get there, be processed, distributed to the proper channels of reaction, THEN getting it right ALL the time in a normal brain. The signal has to travel from the toe, all the way up the body-then the brain has to go: Flash message from the toe: We’re stubbed”. The brain alerts the pain sensors, then the adreneline section, notifies the leg or legs they are going to be hopping up an down on the “non injured” foot. Makes sure the vocal chords are up an tuned for the ” OW’ thats how much time? can the amount of the time it takes- be measured?. How long does a thought take? Where do we store all the memories we ever had? How come we only use like 8-10 percent of the brain. An if we are using SO little-why cant we access the other part> I’d sure like to ‘re route’ alot of my signals through the “virgin” territory, mayhap i’d be normal again. not Abby Normal.

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